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The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.
- John
Maynard Keynes

The bursting of the bubble in 2000 created an unprecedented opportunity for a new breed of hedge funds. Investors who watched their net worth quickly plummet painfully realized that traditional funds were not adequately equipped to handle the new realities facing financial markets.


Seizing this opportunity Joompi Capital Management was founded in 2001 with the mission of creating funds that do not suffer from the woes of human group psychology (except of course when it profits us handsomely). Calling upon our 35 years of experience in software development, financial markets and mathematics we have created one of the first full-featured completely autonomous funds.


Employing best of breed technologies from computer science, financial analysis, and artificial intelligence, our systems are built to return profits as consistently as possible with a well-defined, easily understood process that doesn’t leave investors wondering what’s inside the black box.


Our product offerings may seem limited, but we believe that happy clients exist not just because of spectacular returns but also because of unparalleled levels of customer service. If you are a sophisticated investor who shares our passion for the markets please contact us.

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